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There will be trouble between Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in “Outlander” season 3 episode 8. A preview video and the synopsis of the episode have been released online, teasing some of the scenes.

Jamie has told Claire about his son, but he failed to tell her a big secret that will be revealed in the next episode. The secret is so big, the Sassenach won't be so sure about their relationship anymore. It starts one night when the Scotsman musters the strength to tell his wife something he has been keeping from her.

Claire will be angry at her husband, feeling that he'd lied to her. She will start to wonder if they belong with each other after all.

Jamie and Claire will be travelling to Lallybroch. The Sassenach will not get a warm welcome from Jenny (Laura Donnelly) and Ian Murray (Steven Cree). Claire can’t tell the whole truth about where she has been all this time; all she can do is ask for a second chance.

According to the synopsis, Jamie’s past will come back with a vengeance next episode. The problems are a result of the choices he made during the time he and Claire were apart. Will the couple overcome this new challenge to their relationship?

Meanwhile, a new video released online (see below) features co-executive producers Mathew B. Roberts and Maril Davis talking about Claire being a character “out of time.” The producer explained how the time-traveling is an ever-present element with Claire.

The Sassenach knows things that will happen in the future, and she has already tried to change them once before, with little success. Will she attempt to do the same in “Outlander” season 3?

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