Sam Heughan
a still from "Outlander" season 3 os Starz starring Sam Heughan as Jamie. Facebook/ Starz

Executive producer Ronald D. Moore has answered a few questions about “Outlander” season 3 episode 2 during a Q&A on Twitter. There were a few changes from the book “Voyager” written by Diana Gabaldon, on which the season is based; the producer talked about them and other aspects of the episode. The following article contains spoilers.

The first big change was that the episode skipped ahead six years after the Battle of Culloden. Thus, Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) recovery from his injuries and other events during this period didn’t make it on the show. Explaining why they did this, Moore explained that the story they were trying to tell in the episode leads up to Jamie’s surrender, which makes it necessary to focus on the plot this time.

Fans who have read “Voyager” will remember that Jamie hid in the cabinet with baby Ian when the Red Coats came searching for a gun. On the show, however, the Highlander hid in an adjacent room. Moore admitted that this was done as the choreography would have been hard.

The other change involves seeing Jamie hunt a deer and bring it to Lallybroch at daytime. In the books, this was done at night, with the character hiding in the cave during the day. Moore said it is important to remember that the cast and crew would find too many night shoots exhausting. Readers who have been following the International Business Times Australia coverage regarding production updates will remember the many night shoots the cast and crew had to endure for the show.

In the scene where Fergus (Romann Berrux) is followed by the Red Coats, he was supposed to be carrying a cask of ale for Jamie, something that the show skipped. Moore said that since the lad was going to warn the Scotsman, the cask didn’t quite work for the story.

The big missing element of the show so far is Murtagh’s (Duncan Lacroix) fate. Moore chose not to spill the beans about this just yet, asking the fans to watch what happens. The producer also talked about other elements in the episode, including that rabbit scene from before and an interesting reference to “Battlestar Galactica” (see below).