A behind the scenes picture of Sam Heughan (Jamie) for the sets of Starz TV series "Outlander." Outlander/ Facebook

Co-executive producer Matthew B Roberts has promised “Outlander” season 3 to be a “roller coaster” of emotions. Some of the fans who attended the San Diego Comic-Con got a taste of what’s to come, as the new season premiered at the event. An eight-member team of the show discussed the TV series and participated in fun and games at the panel discussion.

Most fans already know the broad strokes of the plot this year. Roberts said that while there are some parts that are “sad,” there are also parts that are “joyous.” At the end of the day, fans will be feeling a variety of emotions during the course of the season, the producer teased.

Roberts did not take part in the San Diego Comic-Con panel discussion. However, with executive producers Ronald Moore and Maril Davis, and cast members Sam Heughan (Jamie), Caitriona Balfe (Claire), Richard Rankin (Roger Wakefield) and Sophie Skelton (Brianna Randall Fraser), the TV series was well-represented.

Moore started off the panel discussion by teasing how the main characters go on a long journey this year, which is indicated in the name of the book by Diana Gabaldon, “Voyager.” From Scotland to Boston, the Caribbean and to South Carolina, the characters do a lot of travelling. Davis added to this by saying that the team refer to themselves as a “travelling show” because each year they travel to a new location.

The panel discussion was moderated by Jenna Dewan Tatum, who got the cast members to participate in a fun “Truth or Dance” game. The host asked some hard questions, which forced many of them to dance on stage. Balfe, Heughan, Rankin and Skelton chose to dance rather than answer truthfully. Menzies was the one who bravely answered his question, saying he was the best tennis player among the cast and crew, adding that he would beat each of them badly in a game.

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