The script of episode 11 of “Outlander” Season 2 was written by celebrity author Diana Gabaldon. In a recent interview, the main cast member Caitriona Balfe talked about how each writer has a unique way of telling the story, and what it was like this time around.

Apart from the creator and Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore, the writing credits of the TV series include Ira Steven Behr and Matthew B. Roberts. In an interview with Variety, Balfe (Claire) said that it was easy to recognise who wrote the script just by reading it. She said that each writer has a “distinctive voice” and it is easy to “hear” this in the script.

Since the script of episode 11 was written by Gabaldon, on whose books the TV series is based, it felt like “reading the source material again,” according to Balfe. Complimenting the script, the actress said that it was a “beautiful read” and had “great action and pace to it.”

“It’s the very distinctive Claire from the book,” Balfe said about her character in episode 11 of “Outlander” Season 2. She explained that her character was “so feisty” and that it was “really exciting” to play the role in this episode.

[Spoiler alert]

One of the scenes in the episode showed the Frasers and their men are cornered by a few British soldiers. Claire had to surrender herself in order to ensure the safety of the others in the group.

“I loved that Diana wrote that. Claire feels as much a part of this clan as any of them, and she does share that responsibility with Jamie,” Balfe said. Claire is now Lady Broch Tuarach and considers the Scotsmen as her men.

Balfe also teased what’s coming next in “Outlander” Season 2. She said that Frasers are now “very desperate” because the Battle of Culloden is just around the corner. They don’t have many options left and they will do “anything” to “survive.”