K.C. Dyer
A picture of K.C. Dyer, the author of "Finding Fraser," which is inspired by the "Outlander" book series. Alicia Kingsland

Fans of the “Outlander” book series fell in love with Jamie Fraser long before the Starz TV series became a global phenomenon. The book series inspired K.C. Dyer to a write about how a young lady falls for a fictional character and goes on a quest to find her own Jamie.

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, Australia Dyer talked about her book “Finding Fraser” and its protagonist Emma Sheridan.

Emma had a string of failed relationships and is desperate for change. She sells off her worldly possessions and heads to Scotland to find her own Jamie. The plot promises romance, humour and self-discovery.

Dyer is a friend of Diana Gabaldon, who is the author of the “Outlander” book series. “Jamie Fraser would be Deeply Gratified at having inspired such a charmingly funny, poignant story–and so am I,” Gabaldon said about the new book by Dyer.

Gabaldon was the first person to read “Finding Fraser.” Although they have been friends for years, the celebrity author did not know Dyer was writing this book until she was sent the first draft. “I happened to finish the first draft on Valentine's Day -- which is the day the book opens. I did what you should never do, and sent it to her in the middle of the night in my finished-first-draft rush of euphoria. Luckily she liked it, and has been completely supportive ever since!” Dyer said.

When asked about what specific attributes of Jamie Dyer liked; the author had this to say “Hmm, let's see. Tall, good looking, capable, funny and intelligent. Rolls his r's when he speaks and looks great in a kilt. Who wouldn't fall for Jamie Fraser?” However, it was not Jamie that inspired her to write her book. She wrote the book for anyone who has fallen for a fictional character some time in their lives.

“It's Emma's story -- someone who has trouble reconciling real life with the ideal she finds in the pages of her favourite stories. A conflict all readers face, yes?”

“Finding Fraser” was written long before the Starz TV series aired. “It's great fun to watch the series play out in full colour, but Jamie and Claire and the rest exist quite differently in my mind's eye. They first came to me off the pages of the books, and that's my favourite place to find them. But I have to say -- as a reader and a lover of the ‘Outlander’ series -- I am delighted with how magnificently it is being brought to the screen,” Dyer said.

For the fans of the “Outlander” book series; there are “a number of wee Easter Eggs” in Dyer’s book. Emma carries a copy of the book with her throughout her adventures and early on she meets an Outlander Tour Group. Emma is “quite shocked [and disappointed] that others would have the same idea, as she's a purist who hasn't watched the television series herself.”

Teasing some details about Emma, Dyer said that she is an “anxiety-laden adventurer” who “doesn't always make the right choices.” However, Emma’s willingness to take chances and take a good hard look at herself helps in the end. During her adventure, she gets to see some beautiful parts of Scotland.

As a writer, Dyer believes in happy endings. “But let me just say, I do think happiness depends more on finding one's inner Claire,” Dyer said.

“This is a book about following your dreams,” Dyer said. “We only walk once through this life -- why not make it as interesting as possible?”

“Finding Fraser” is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indiebound.