Wet, wet, wet: Spectators sit in the stands as the rain falls

Outback Australia is set to receive torrential rain this weekend, with the deluge stretching from South Australia through the Queensland-New South Wales border.

The impending deluge promises to deliver 20 to 60 millimeters of rain over the next four days. The upcoming rains, caused by two contrasting weather systems (a high-pressure and a low-pressure system), will wrestle to dominate weather patterns over central and eastern Australia, with the latter having the best chance at winning, Sky News reported.

According to meteorologists, some places might receive as much rain as they would in a year in a few days, which could cause transport disruptions and flash flooding. A wall of rain will initially hit Central Australia before moving eastward and drenching the coast by Sunday when weather giants collide.

Meanwhile, Birdsville in Queensland faced a stormy Friday night. There will be thunder and lightning, followed by rain on Saturday, as per The Chronicle. Sunday is going to be quite rainy for Bourke, with wind gusts reaching 30 km/h, causing difficulty for motorists mostly.

Though there aren't any warnings currently, the weather service predicts there might be a lot of rain. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Perth, located on the west coast, may receive up to 35 millimeters of rain--quite a significant amount for the state.

After the recent cold snap, warm air is moving into the southeast, bringing a thaw.

However, it's been a different tale in Tasmania. It was the coldest day of the year in the little Central Plateau village of Liawenee, with a bone-chilling -10°C.