Out of this World: Human Face as Proof of Ruined Civilization on Mars?

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A man who has been compiling reports of UFO sightings claims spotting a male face on NASA's Mars photos.

Scott C. Waring, owner of ufosightingsdaily.com on Wednesday published a story on his discovery of a male face on Martian photos.

Waring, who owns an ESL School in Taiwan but maintains a website on UFO sightings, wrote on his blog that he was looking into NASA photos available at University of Arizona when he spotted a peculiar shape.

"The face itself looks to be a male with a tall long hat. This hat is the same style as the hat that Queen Nefertiti of Egypt has on her sculptured bust," Waring wrote.

Waring pointed to this particular photo from the University of Arizona website.

Having spotted the face with a "tall long hat," Waring speculated the figure must have been carved to honor a "powerful and respected" man, hinting that the shape could have been part of a civilization's ruins. Waring did not elaborate, but he surmised the "symbol" was meant to "commemorate a great leader."

"(T)he face was made in the hills because they wanted to commemorate a great leader, just as humans carved Mount Rushmore with the images of four faces of great US presidents," Waring wrote.

On the university's website, however, there was no mention of any unusual formation on the Mars photo.

"Regolith, particulate fragmented rock and fine grained soils, generally covers most of the surface of Mars," wrote Dr. Mike Mellon of the University of Arizona.

Mellon simply noted that the image shows a "geologically rich" portion of the Martian grounds.

A study in 2008 supported a 1980 theory that states an object one-tenth to two-thirds the size of the Moon (the area of Europe, Asia, and Australia combined) had struck northern Mars about four billion years ago. Further, water ice is abundant on its poles. Do you think life could have existed but gone extinct on the planet?

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