'The Orville'
Picture of Seth McFarlane as Captain Ed Mercer on "The Orville" TV series. The Orville/ Facebook

New behind-the-scenes pictures from the production set of “The Orville” season 2 have surfaced online. According to reports, two episodes have already been filmed.

New pictures on Twitter show the ship's bridge set. Michael Okuda, who describes himself as a graphic designer, science fan, and space geek, got to visit the set at Fox as part of a Television Academy event. He said he was impressed with the attention to detail in the beautiful interiors, adding that he is looking forward to seeing what Seth MacFarlane, Brannon Braga and the team have in store next season.

In a picture on Instagram, Director Jon Cassar pointed out that the series is being filmed on the same stage where popular movies like “Sound of Music,” “Fight Club” and “Die Hard” were filmed.

Two episodes of the next season have been filmed so far. In a tweet (see below), Cassar thanked the cast and crew for working hard and for their “incredible creative energy.”

MacFarlane asked fans to follow Cassar on Twitter. MacFarlane complimented Cassar for being a “brilliant” director and producer, at the same time teasing the viewers are going to love the next season.

With only two episodes finished, it will still be a while before the team wraps up production. There will be a total of 14 episodes this time around. The first season only had 12 episodes. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date for “The Orville” season 2.