As the fourth season opens, there may be new love interests for the Leda clones, plus a new adversary might push Sarah to go for a scary new direction, which will mean consequences to the sisterhood.

Spoiler alert! This article contains "Orphan Black” season 4 spoilers. Read on if you would like to know what happens next before the new episode airs.

During the BBC America press event, it was revealed that Sarah, the leader of the group, will be hesitant but will come back home from her hideout in Iceland to search for a mysterious and hard-to-find ally who is linked to the clone, Beth Childs, who started everything. Sarah will go after Beth and start a risky new relationship with a potential new enemy, moving into a dangerous situation. Sarah will be under pressure to keep the sisterhood and everyone else safe, and her old habits will start to reappear. The sisterhood will begin to be drawn to various directions, and Sarah will particularly find herself isolated from the relationships that made her better. She might turn dark as the story progresses.

According to the BBC bulletin, Joel Thomas Hynes will be part of the cast to play Dizzy, an edge and independent hacker who does not think the same way as the group. Fans will also know more about what happened to Delphine in Season 4, Entertainment Weekly stated.

BuddyTV notes some highlights for Season 4 as shared by actor Jordan Gavaris. He said that Season 4 will have a similar feel as the train platform in Season 1. It will have a certain meaning to Sarah and other characters, without truly understanding who the threat is. The actor shared that they currently do not know what Neolution is and who the players are. They only know that it is dangerous and it will be interesting to discover how Sarah will be added to the equation. Viewers will be curious to find out what Sarah is going to do.

Gavaris also said that he would like to have more substance in the arc and character development of Felix. He would like to tell a story about a gay man and his experiences as a homosexual, artist and isolated person. He wanted to show what he knows about loneliness and believe that he can showcase the tale within the parameters of the objectives of “Orphan Black” Season 4.

TVLine states that “Ophan Black” Season 4 is currently in production and is scheduled to premiere in spring 2016.

Check out the interview with Jordan Gavaris here.

Source: YouTube/BuddyTV

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