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In a couple of days, "The Originals" Season 2 will return to the television screen to continue the storyline on the Mikaelson family members. Executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci continue to tease what the fans can expect on the second half of the latest season starting with Esther's (Sonja Sohn) fate as well as Dahlia's (Kristin Erickson) threat on the Mikaelson's first-born children.

"I cannot say whether she does or does not [transition into a vampire]," executive producer Julie Plec teased in a TV Line report. However, Julie Plec assured that the fans will find out the choice that the Original witch made in "The Originals" Season 2, episode 10 titled "Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire."

The executive producer further teased about Dahlia's threat in the upcoming second half of "The Originals" Season 2. In an IGN report, Julie Plec confirmed that Esther's elder sister, who placed the first born curse on the Mikaelson family line, is still lurking out there.

"Dahlia's somebody we definitely haven't heard the last of as we move closer to the end of the season," Plec shared. If Dahlia finds out about baby Hope, she will come to collect just like what she did to Esther when she took Freya in "The Originals" Season 2, episode 6 titled "Wheel Inside the Wheel."

Executive producer Michael Narducci explained in a THR report that if Dahlia shows up to take away baby Hope, the main question will be on Klaus' (Joseph Morgan) actions in order to protect his daughter. "What will [Klaus] do to protect that child? And will that force him to be into conflict [with his family]; do they have a different strategy? And so it becomes a circle the wagons, all hands on deck situation. And Klaus is not necessarily going to follow orders, so what does that mean for the family?" Narducci teased.

When asked about the reappearance of Klaus' aunt, English actor Joseph Morgan thinks that his Original hybrid character could finally understand his mother's motives. "He's got a very polarized view of Esther being an evil wretched woman who's ruined his life," the 33-year-old CW star shared.

However, Joseph Morgan explained that if Klaus finds out Esther was doing bad things for good reasons, it could help the Original hybrid comprehend the choices that his Original witch mother made. "The Originals" Season 2 returns on Monday night, Jan. 19, with episode 10 titled "Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire" airing at 9 p.m. ET on the CW Network.

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