Cricket Australia
Cricket Australia matches are now available on Optus Sport. Twitter/Cricket Australia

Optus is expanding its range of coverage as the telecommunications provider includes a 24/7 channel to Optus Sport. The channel will feature content from Cricket Australia and will air until Feb. 28, 2017.

“We know Optus customers love the growing range of sport content we have on offer, and we wanted to make it easier to catch it all in one place,” Optus Head of TV & Content Paul Rybicki said. “Optus Sport is giving our customers easy access to a summer of exciting cricket action, with the freedom to watch a range of live matches on the go.”

According to Optus, mobile broadband and home broadband users with a subscription to Optus Sport will all get access to the cricket matches over the summer, as well as exclusive content. The extra features will include extended match highlights and game analysis. In addition, subscribers will also have access to the English Premier League, which includes live matches, various newscasts of the Premier League, more analysis and show highlights. The new channel will also air international football tournaments.

All of this is available because of the company’s ongoing partnership with Cricket Australia.

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Starting Oct. 31, postpaid mobile and mobile broadband subscribers will also be able to stream the cricket matches from their mobile phones. While the streaming of live cricket games itself will not consume any data, various ads, authentication, analytics and other live games will. Users will just need to get to the Cricket Australia Live app, which can be accessed via the Optus Sport app.

“Summer is a busy time and we want our customers to be able to watch their favourite matches when they’re out and about,” Rybicki said. “With some of the biggest test matches and Big Bash League games live and data free on eligible mobiles, and our 24/7 Optus Sport channel dedicated to cricket over the summer, there’s no reason for fans to miss out.”

Optus Sport will set back new and existing customers $15/month for those with a plan of $30 and above. The feature is also available at no cost for users that have plans of and exceed $85.