Opera Mini for Android No need to worry about pesky ads or exceeding your data limit
Wikimedia Commons/SovietskijSoyuz SovietskijSoyuz, Creative Commons

Opera has updated its Opera Mini web browser for Android on Tuesday, which will keep users from worrying about viewing pesky ads on their web browser or exceeding their data allocations.

According to Opera, the new Opera Mini for Android features a native ad blocker that is built right into the browser. With this feature, users can now browse the Internet and access websites without being pestered by advertisements. This also allows users to browse content faster.

The new update on the Opera Mini also allows users to keep track of their data usage.

The new web browser offers a feature that allows users to keep an eye on their data usage, showing them how much data they have used and how much they are saving, preventing them from exceeding their allotments. The feature also has an extreme savings mode setting, where the browser boosts the data savings on the device. This setting though may cause some pages to not work properly.

The new Opera Mini is also faster and can allow for a more comfortable viewing at night. The browser compresses content before it reaches the users, allowing the users to get content faster, even with a slow connection. Opera Mini also has a night mode feature, which allows for comfortable reading before you go to sleep. The night mode feature also has a setting that optimizes the brightness to reduce strain on the eyes.

Aside from blocking ads and keeping an eye on data usage, the new Opera Mini also allows users to download videos. This feature lets users download videos when their Internet connections are high, allowing them to save the videos that they can view offline, or when their connections are low.

Users can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, IMDB, and other sites that support .mp4, .webm and other formats, but not on YouTube or other sites that use their own media players.

Engadget reports that the download video feature is handy for people who are always going to places where the connections are limited or nonexistent. The company’s download feature is also being aimed at countries’ like India, where cellular data are expensive and uncertain.