'One Piece' 1033 Might Reveal Mysterious Silhouette's Identity, Power Teased In 1004 [Spoilers]

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ONE PIECE 第975話予告「燃える城!光月の一族の運命!」 - YouTube
「ONE PIECE」5月23日(日)放送予告 第975話 「燃える城!光月の一族の運命!」

"One Piece" 1033 might reveal the identity and power of the mysterious figure that was teased in the manga's 1004th installment.

The most recent chapter of the hit Eiichiro Oda creation "One Piece" was released over the weekend and it featured some interesting details that seemingly offered hints at some mysteries of the manga's Wano arc. It may be recalled that in Chapter 1004, readers were intrigued when a mysterious figure appeared in the place where some members of the Akasaya Nine were resting.

The samurai were in a bad shape following their harrowing defeat from the Emperor of the Sea Kaido. The place was dark so the feeble light that shone in the room allowed only those who saw the figure to see its silhouette.

ONE PIECE 第975話予告「燃える城!光月の一族の運命!」 - YouTube

Photo: YouTube Screenshot/One Piece Official YouTube Channel

Fans had come up with a lot of theories and it looks like the most recent manga installment confirmed what many expected. The mysterious figure could be Oden's only daughter Hyori, who was shown in the last panel of the manga.

Orochi followed the sound of the shamisen and saw Hyori playing the three-string traditional Japanese musical instrument. Moreover, the Enma was also featured reacting to the sound of the shamisen.

Oden died leaving two children--Momonosuke, whom Lady Toki sent to the future, and Hyori, who grew up in the distressing and dystopian closed country of Wano. Readers already know that Momonusuke has his father's ability to hear the Voice of All Things, but it is not yet known if Hyori has a special ability or power that she inherited from her parents.

ONE PIECE 第975話予告「燃える城!光月の一族の運命!」 - YouTube (1)

Photo: YouTube Screenshot/One Piece Official YouTube Channel

"I've also wondered for a while if Hiyori does have some sort of ability power. The shamisen sound reaching Zoro all the way out of the castle and being able to draw out Enma's strength seems too odd to just be something normal," says reliable "One Piece" insider, content creator and translator who goes by the name newworldartur.

While the insider does not provide spoilers of the manga or anime, their analysis and predictions are on point most of the time. The same insider predicted in March that Momo would turn into a dragon and create Flame Clouds that would prevent Onigashima from crushing into the Flower Capital.

There is a high possibility "One Piece" 1033 would reveal more interesting about Hyori and her abilities and confirm that she is the mysterious silhouette teased in Chapter 1004. Fans might also see some scenes showing the continuation of the Zoro vs King and Sanji vs Queen battle.

"One Piece" 1033 is set to release Sunday, November 28, while fans can expect the chapter's spoilers and summary sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday with the raw scans coming out between Thursday and Saturday.

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