Singer with the band One Direction Harry Styles attends the British Fashion Awards in London
IN PHOTO: Singer with the band One Direction Harry Styles attends the British Fashion Awards in London December 2, 2013. Reuters/Neil Hall

Harry Styles may or may not have shot his nude photos, but one thing is for sure, the hashtag #HarryStylesNudesLeaked is a lie. The One Direction crooner’s followers were either pleased or disappointed that the trending hashtag was just a hoax started by a fan account on Twitter.

Earlier this week, the 20-year-old English pop star allegedly hinted that he has taken nude pictures that haven’t been leaked online. He was on a European TV show when he was asked to pull his best shocked face “as if one of your nudes has leaked.” His bandmate Liam Payne was so impressed with his acting that he asked, “You’ve got nudes?”

“Not leaked ones,” Styles answered, as reported by One Popz. He was most likely just kidding, but his answer was taken by the viewers as a confession that he has indeed naked pictures lying around somewhere.

In a separate previous interview, he also admitted that it would “not be a very complicated hack” to invade his online accounts. With such confessions, Styles has perhaps teased his fans the possibility that photos of his naked body are just waiting to debut online.

This has prompted one fan account to create more confusion among his followers by starting the hashtag #HarryStylesNudesLeaked. As expected, the hashtag quickly trended, with 1D fans wanting to see the evidence.

Fortunately for Styles, and maybe unfortunately for some of his young fans, the hashtag was fake. His followers either expressed their disgust over the hoax or disappointment that it’s not true.

Whoever made the hashtag #HarryStylesNudesLeaked your just FUCKING SICK

— casey (@pinpointnarry) December 21, 2014

wow the #HarryStylesNudesLeaked got me all hyped for nothing — kssandra (@nuclearwastee) December 20, 2014

#HarryStylesNakedPictureGotMeLike #HarryStylesNudesLeaked This is a joke isn't it

— zaynmalik1D (@narryftsissi) December 20, 2014

ok normally I don't have a problem with these fake hashtags but this one got me excited and u let me down #HarryStylesNudesLeaked — Harry Styles. (@Aris5Directions) December 20, 2014

I got excited for a second #HarryStylesNudesLeaked

— molly loves niall sm (@sadkidhoran) December 20, 2014

Styles, meanwhile, appear to have no clue that his non-existent nude pictures have been leaked, or that the excitement over them has trended. Apart from a few casual tweets, his posts included more important issues and current events, including Sydney Siege and the recent school massacre in Peshawar, Pakistan.