'Once Upon A Time'
A still from "Once Upon A Time" TV series. Facebook / Once Upon A Time

The new big baddie in “Once Upon A Time” season 7 is Lady Tremaine (Gabrielle Anwar). She’s in charge of Hyperion Heights, a fictitious portion of Seattle, and she’s using “capitalism” to drive out all the characters she doesn’t want living there.

Anwar may be a newcomer on the show, but she wasn’t nervous even on the first day of filming. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress said that instead of being nervous about joining a well-established show, she was rather curious about the “dynamics that had already been established.”

Talking about the main driving force for her character, Anwar said Lady Tremaine is mostly concerned about getting older. With each passing day, she becomes more unbearable as she’s increasingly worried about her age. In addition to this, the actress said that her approach was to include the traits of a “trophy wife,” a lot of greed and “a little bit of pompousness.”

Lady Tremaine will be driving out some of the characters in Hyperion Heights whom she doesn’t want to keep. The way she will do this is by using “capitalism,” the actress said. By raising the rent of existing buildings and creating new ones that regular folks can’t afford, the villain is cleverly forcing out a lot of people without needing to use force.

Although Lady Tremaine may be pulling all the strings in Hyperion Heights, she may not be the one who cast the spell that led to all main characters getting new identities. Anwar said that most of the cast, including herself, have been kept in the dark about who is responsible for casting this spell. The actress was also not willing to guess at who could be responsible for it.