Greg Germann
Actor Greg Germann, star of the new film "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" which is about the life of a fictional race car driver, talks on his mobile phone as he arrives at the film's premiere in Hollywood July 26, 2006. The film opens in the U.S. on August 4. Reuters/Fred Prouser

Greg Germann will be playing the role of the new villain Hades in “Once Upon a Time” Season 5. A picture and details about the character have now surfaced online. Details about what the heroes will find in the underworld have also been revealed.

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[Spoiler alert]

A picture of Germann posted on Entertainment Weekly shows that Hades will have a blue flame for hair in the TV series. “Hades is such a fun, endlessly creative challenge,” Germann said. The actor teased that the producers have got some “out-of-the-box unpredictability” for his character on the show.

“They strike the perfect balance between keeping things grounded and letting things fly — sometimes literally,” Germann teased. Executive producer Edward Kitsis described Hades as a “very dangerous fellow,” but at the same time said that his character likes to “have fun.”

The executive producer revealed that the heroes will meet a lot of familiar faces when they go to the underworld to save Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), who sacrificed himself to get rid of all the Dark Ones. Cora (Barbara Hershey), Peter Pan (Robbie Kay), Cruella de Vil (Victoria Smurfit) and others will be coming back in “Once Upon a Time” Season 5.

Once the heroes enter into the underworld they may find it difficult to get out, the executive producer revealed. In another interview with Entertainment Weekly, cast member Josh Dallas (David Nolan) revealed that in the underworld the heroes will realise that they will be able to save some of the people there and bring them back to earth.

Meanwhile, writer and director Adam Horowitz revealed the title of episode 19 of “Once Upon a Time” Season 5 in a tweet. The episode is titled “Sisters” and the script has been written by David H. Goodman and Brigitte Hales.