NZ First leader calls Malcolm Turnbull an ‘Aussie gold digger’

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New Zealand First MP Winston Peters took to social media to share how he feels about Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, saying he is an “Aussie gold digger.” The latter previously met with NZ’s new prime minister, Bill English.

“We should trust the PM is contemplating the national enthusiasm with Turnbull today. The “Aussie gold digger” may need another fortunate strike,” Peters tweeted.

Peters, described as one who possesses One Nation’s protectionism and Nick Xenophon’s populism, is reportedly belligerent that Jetstar, an Australian airline, was awarded US$223 million (AU$295 million) 10-year all-of-government travel contract. “They claim to be cheaper, English says it will save us money. But doesn’t he know it’s called “s … star” in its own country,” he added.

Turnbull refused to comment about New Zealand’s politics as he believes that what’s important is that he had managed to prove his efficiency as an economic manager.  “The important thing is we have a great Prime Minister in Bill English and he had proven himself as a very effective economic manager over all of the period of the National government led by John Key,” has quoted him saying.

Turnbull and English, along with their wives, had a private dinner last month during a 23-hour visit in Queenstown. The two leaders have reportedly discussed trade, security and economic reform.

The Australian prime minister said building relationships between two countries has been a good opportunity. He shared that he invited his New Zealand counterpart for a Kayak. Last year, Turnbull took John Key, English’s predecessor, for a Kayak tour of Sydney Harbour.

Meanwhile, Radio Live reports that Labour Leader Andrew Little has nominated Peters to the Intelligence and Security Committee. The leader of New Zealand First will fill the seat left by Labour MP David Shearer. Little said the required consultation is done and his recommendation was supported by all Opposition parties.

Furthermore, Little believes that as a former Foreign Minister, Peters has what it takes to be a valuable addition to the committee. He specifically looks at Peter’s "extensive experience" of New Zealand's security, as well as intelligence agencies.

English approves the nomination of Peters, saying it is “certainly preferable" to a Green MP. Peters, he said, has knowledge on security issues and would take a "responsible attitude" to them.

There are reports that Peters may be offered the seat of Deputy Prime Minister just as he holds the balance of power. Election in New Zealand in scheduled in September.