Law enforcement arrested at least 13 people for vandalism on election day

NSW Premier Chris Minns has hit back at vandals, following the targeting of his Kogarah electorate office by suspected pro-Palestine demonstrators on Monday.

At roughly 2:35 am, the workplace was defaced with graffiti stating "murder" and splashed with red paint, which prompted a police inquiry. Minns stressed his emphasis on preserving peace in the state, while highlighting the value of respect and communal harmony, reported

Speaking on the event at a news conference, Minns reiterated his commitment to promoting unity in New South Wales, while expressing confusion at the vandalism's objectives.

"It's really hard to know what motivates someone to commit an act of vandalism," said Minns. "I'm not in charge of any region of the world, especially not the Middle East."

"What I am responsible for is peace right here in Sydney and this state and that's what our approach to this complex issue has always been."

Minns also emphasized the pointlessness and inconvenience of the act, and showed his displeasure. "Ultimately, it is just a waste of time and money and it is irritating," Minns said.

He stressed on the value of nonviolent protest, saying, "Yes, you have a right, an absolute right to protest, but you also have a responsibility to treat other people that live in this city with respect."

This is not the first time Minns was targeted by pro-Palestine protesters.

Several pro-Palestine supporters had disrupted the workings of the NSW parliament earlier this year, which led to the building being shut down.

Before being removed by the security, the pro-Palestine protesters had chanted, "Shame on you, Chris Minns"; "Sanction Israel" and "Labor's hands are red."