A member of staff at Lyon & Turnbull auction house holds up a copy of the book "Golf in the Year 2000 or What We Are Coming To" before its auction in Edinburgh, January 19, 2005. In a book published in 1892 with uncanny echoes of 16th century French seer Nostradamus, golfer Jack McCullogh also predicted that women would start dressing like men and do all the work while their menfolk took to the golf courses full-time. Reuters/Jeff J Mitchell

Nostradamus has his skeptics, but he also has a following that consists of the superstitious, the curious and some true believers. Because of his relatively positive track record, the clairvoyant’s predictions for the immediate future are quite disturbing.

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As noted by Express UK, Nostradamus’ followers believe that Italy will soon face financial difficulties. Because of this, unemployment and unpaid loans will cause a financial crisis that will be felt by most European countries. This, as the publication continued, is a real possibility as the country is already experiencing economic turmoil and a deepening bank crisis.

Meanwhile, the United States -- referred to as the “current superpower” -- is believed to become more and more ungovernable and likewise incompetent. However, China is also expected to make unprecedented moves to fix the “economic imbalance,” which will have long lasting and broad reaching effects.

When it comes to international relations, News.Com.Au reported that US president-elect Donald Trump will interfere with the European refugee crisis, which will be the starting point of several changes. “The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws,” the publication quotes “Les Propheties,” which was published in 1555. “From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.” Trump is here believed to be the “false trumpet.”

On the other hand, Russia and Ukraine are -- according to Nostradamus' followers -- scheduled to soon make peace. The prophecy continues to say that the US will oppose the treaty, but that Europe will welcome the same. However, it is unclear how and when specifically this will happen.

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Nostradamus' predictions are hardly specific, and critics claim that his prophecies are only somewhat believable even after the events take place -- when something concrete can be connected to the text. Moreover, others claim that Nostradamus' perpetrated writings can be connected to almost anything within the right context.