A new Nokia 150 handset is seen in this handout picture provided by HMD to Reuters December 13, 2016. Reuters/HMD

Nokia is bringing five new smartphones in 2017. It’s an epic comeback for the former market leader and this time it’s the nostalgic gadget lover that Nokia will be focusing on. The first batch of the Nokia Android phones will be reportedly unveiled in February at the annual Mobile World Congress 2017. The former mobile phone champion was sidelined during the late noughties when Apple introduced the iPhone.

According to The Sun, the Nokia Android phones will sport 5 and 5.7-inch displays, and like the predecessors, the upcoming devices will be both durable and cheap. A new design team is at work and introduction of the Android operating system will surely strike a chord among mobile phone lovers. Nokia has also promised that its Nokia 150 and Nokia 150 Dual phones will have as much battery power as the good old Nokia phones.

Reports suggest that the phones will offer 31 days standby and up to 22 hours of talk time. The devices are said to be released early 2017 and they will also come with the classic games Nitro Racing and Snake. Nokia has already tipped about showcasing two phones at MWC 2017. Leaks have revealed a midrange and a flagship model. Thus, apart from the abovementioned two devices, three more Nokia Android smartphones will be released, taking the total to five.

Nokia is garnering a lot of support before releasing its new Android phones in 2017. More and more leaks are surfacing on the Internet though it is difficult to know how much of it is true. The Nokia Android phones are a way for the company to make a comeback in the smartphone market. The company has already tipped about showcasing two phones at MWC 2017. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on the Nokia Android phones.