No Tips Required For Robots That Work At Japan’s Newly Opened Henn-na Hotel

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Robot Staff At Henn-na Hotel
(IN PHOTO) Humanoid front-desk staff at newly opened Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki. Photo credit: ©HUISTEN BOSCH ©HUISTEN BOSCH

Henn-na Hotel opens today, July 17, in Nagasaki, with majority of the hotel’s staff being robots. Visitors could expect efficient, yet friendly service from the artificial intelligence hotel workers and no palms out waiting for tips as human workers expect. Huis Ten Bosch, operator of the hotel, even encourages guests to talk to the robots.

The tapping of state-of-the-art technology means that cutting-edge technology evolves on a daily basis. Applied to hotel service, it means changes for the better are part of the hotel philosophy.

Besides no tips expected, guests who check in could also expect no queues at the reception area since Henn-na has a smart check-in and check-out system. But after checking in, no keys will be handed the guest since the hotel has a face recognition system that takes images of their faces to allow visitors entry to their rooms. But guests who opt for non-contact IC card keys would have that option. The card keys are part of the hotel’s facial recognition system.

Inside the room, there is a tablet terminal that operates with a touch to control all room facilities. And instead of the traditional air-condition system to cool the room, the hotel uses radiation panels that reduces heat from people when room temperature is hot and minimizes temperature differences and air turbulence.

Lastly, with very minimal human employees, guests could expect least disruptions from human errors or conflicts such as worker strikes due to differences with management over employee benefits. Robots, after all don’t have salaries, don’t get tired and aren’t late for work since they don’t travel to and from their homes to the workplace.

However, robots could also malfunction like the one in Volkswagen plant in Germany that killed a young technician.

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