Nioh boss guide: Tips and tricks on how to find and defeat Derrik,The Executioner and Onryoki easily
Nioh official game logo Team Ninja/ Sony Interactive Entertainment/ Koei Tecmo

Boss battles are definitely a gruesome and painstakingly difficult task to accomplish. Especially if one is clueless as to where and how to beat them. This “Nioh” guide will give some tips and tricks on the location of two bosses in the game, Derrik and Onryoki, and how to easily defeat them.

With the help from a post from Gameranx, we have formulated a way to know the exact location of these bosses and what to expect from them. Need not to worry, we will also be giving a few tricks on how gamers can live their way through each and everyone of them.

First boss, Derrik the Executioner

This will be the first boss that players will encounter in the game. This boss will be located in the Tower of London. He usually makes a three-hit style combo during his attacks. Players will also be defeating him twice since he has a second form once he is defeated for the first time.

The best way to attack him is by using light gears so that your character can move swiftly. Memorise his combo so that the character can quickly dodge his attacks. Once Derrik does his swinging motion after he charges forward, his side or behind will be his weak spot. Hit that particular areas repeatedly while keeping in pace and evading his combo attacks.

His second form will have two set of attacks. First is his two-hit combo attack using his axe, and the second one is his charge attack. Keep on doing the previous pattern used to defeat the first battle, but this time around, you can choose to safely wait on the tower walls.

Once Derrik’s health is down to around 60 percent, the Living Weapon attack will be unlocked. Pressing the circle and triangle button together will activate this skill. This attack will instantly kill your enemy.

Second boss, Onryoki

This boss is located on the Isle of Demons. At the start of the game, this boss is a really tough one to beat. He also has two forms that must be defeated in order to push through the game.

His first form will have him wielding two large sets of balls in chains. Always pay particular attention to his arms to know what direction he will be attacking from. Instead of dodging away from him, dodge towards him. This will spare the player from getting tangled in Onryoki’s chain attacks.

His final form will have him attack with his claws. He will also use two balls and attack the player. Lastly, he will summon several shadow spots that will be scattered around the area.

In order to defeat him, the art of Ki Burst (tapping the R1 button) must be learned first. In addition to this, adequate knowledge regarding the shadow spots are also useful. Shadow spots are areas where your stamina regeneration is slowed down and at the same time allow you to attack more often.

Take the battle slow and steady and do not rush into attacking. Have a lot of patience and wait for the perfect opening. Once the pattern of his attacks has been made visible, use the Ki Burst and shadow spots to your advantage.

These are just two of the many main bosses that players can encounter in the game. Players can use this Nioh guide for some tips, techniques and basics on how to battle through these hard levels.