Dynasty Warriors 8
A devastating Musou attack from "Dynasty Warriors 8." Dynasty Warriors 8 official website

It was sometime last year that publisher Koei Tecmo announced the 15th anniversary of the popular “Dynasty Warriors” franchise. At the time, it seemed like there would be a major announcement regarding the series, but nothing came out of it. Now that it’s 2016, Koei Tecmo promised fans an announcement about “Dynasty Warriors” this year.

Koei Tecmo also apologized to the fans of the “Dynasty Warriors” franchise, who were expecting the announcement to take place in 2015. While no particular reason was given for the delay, it looks like the company is determined to make the announcement this year as reported by Gematsu.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, no official date was given regarding the announcement, aside from the vague fact that it would be happening this year.

Despite not being able to deliver the big “Dynasty Warriors” news, it was still a very solid year for the popular publisher, thanks to news regarding the new “Attack on Titan” video game. The company is also working on a new downloadable content (DLC) for “Dead of Alive 5: Last Round,” which mostly compromises of costumes and a few new characters, one of which will be coming from “Samurai Warriors.”

While nothing has been made official, it seems like the company will be announcing “Dynasty Warriors 9” soon. There’s also a possibility that the game could be a reboot of the original “Dynasty Warriors.” The series started out as a fighting game on the original PlayStation before the sequel “Dynasty Warriors 2” mixed beat-em-up mechanics with strategy elements.

So far, there have been eight official games in the series, not counting the “Extreme Legends” re-releases or the crossover with “Samurai Warriors” in “Warriors Orochi.” It will be interesting to see what the company has planned for the series this year, especially if the next game will have any noteworthy new features.

Dynasty Warriors - 15th Anniversary Trailer (Credit: YouTube/EurogamerPortugal)