Nintendo will showcase the "The Legend of Zelda" at E3 2016. Nintendo

Nintendo continues to be tight-lipped when it comes to its anticipated new hardware, the Nintendo NX. However, two recent interviews have pointed to the possibility of the Nintendo NX hardware and software development going smoother than expected.

Nintendo Everything spotted an interview with General Manager of Nintendo Entertainment Planning a& Development Shinya Takahasi, where it was hinted that the company is taking care to ensure that there will be no shortages in terms of software once the Nintendo NX releases.

“To be specific, software development teams and teams that create the development environment are thinking about the NX lineup together… they actually discuss with development teams and hear their opinions and prioritize those things. We have built a stronger cooperative relationship compared to what is was before and are making efforts so that software can be developed smoothly,” said Takahashi. As quoted by Nintendo Everything.

This hints that the teams on both the software and development teams are ensuring that their priorities are in line with each team.

For the most part, a lot of the known information are speculations at this point. While a handful of developers have been tagged to be working on games that will be released on the Nintendo NX, there’s finally one that gets an official confirmation.

Gematsu spotted a Nintendo Dream interview wherein “Dragon Quest” series creator Yuji Horii hints at the possible simultaneous launch of “Dragon Quest XI” for the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS. The new interview is basically a confirmation, especially since there have been confusing statements as to the status of “Dragon Quest XI” on its platforms.

The biggest clue to the simultaneous release for the Nintendo 2DS, 3DS, PS4 and even the Nintendo NX comes from the very nature of the game.

“Shifting away from the release date, they’re not going to be released apart from each other, right? Since ‘Dragon Quest’ games are story-driven,” said Masahiro Sakurai in the interview as quoted by Gematsu.

According to the developers, there is a big change of spoilers if one platform launches ahead of the other, hence the possibility of releasing on all platforms. However, Yuji Horii appeared to also temper expectations. He cited that there are concerns when it comes to making several versions of a game at the same time, so the team is currently making it to the best of its abilities.