A poster of HBO's TV series "The Night of"
A poster of HBO's TV series "The Night of" Facebook/The Night of

The murder trial of Naz will begin in “The Night Of” episode 6, a preview video released by HBO shows. Just before the big day in court more details about the life of the accused will be revealed. The protagonist may be hiding some skeletons in his closet.

[Spoiler alert]

Naz (Riz Ahmed) will appear in court once more in the next episode. His parents will be there to see how the proceedings go. Lead investigator Box (Bill Camp) will also be present during the trial.

The preview video of the episode shows Box uncovering something about Naz that may help him understand more about the latter. The young man had apparently transferred to another school that is half a dozen blocks away from his home. The new school is 40 minutes commute by subway. Box can be seen wondering about this new information and if there is a connection to the murder.

Meanwhile in prison, Freddy (Michael Kenneth Williams) will ask Naz about his life on the outside. More details about the personal life of the murder accused may be revealed in “The Night Of” episode 6 in these two scenes.

Chandra (Amara Karan) appears to be slowly becoming an important character on the show. She and Jack Stone (John Turturro) seem to be forming a good team to mount a solid defense for Naz. The one thing that is common to both of them is that they are equally passionate about the case and want to win it. The win will give their individual careers a big boost too.

HBO has also released another video of “The Night Of” titled “Character Building.” The video shows the producers and some of the characters talking about what the show is about and how the TV series is telling the story.

Credit: YouTube/ HBO

Credit: YouTube/ HBO