NFL News: Wells Report Released, 2 New England Patriots Personnel, QB Tom Brady Aware Of Deflated Footballs

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady gets up after being sacked
IN PHOTO: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady gets up after being sacked by the Seattle Seahawks in the fourth quarter during the NFL Super Bowl XLIX football game in Glendale, Arizona, February 1, 2015. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

The Wells Report, a 243-page document, which tackled the “Deflategate” controversy involving the New England Patriots, was published on Wednesday.Two Patriots personnel, Jim McNally and John Jastremski, were found to have been aware of the deflation of footballs before New England’s game against the Indianapolis Colts in the 2015 AFC Championship Game.

The report also stated that it is “more than probable” that Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady was aware of the “inappropriate activities” by the pair.

"Based on the evidence developed in connection with the investigation and summarized in this Report, we have concluded that it is more probable than not that New England Patriots personnel participated in violations of the NFL Playing Rules and were involved in a deliberate attempt to circumvent those rules,” the official report stated.

“In particular, we conclude that it is more probable than not that Jim McNally and John Jastremski participated in a deliberate plan to circumvent the rules by releasing air from Patriots game balls after the examination of the footballs by NFL game officials at the AFC Championship Game.”

McNally is the Patriots’ locker attendant and Jastremski is the team’s equipment assistant. Along with Brady, the trio faces sanctions from the league now that the Wells Report has been released to the public.

“Based on the evidence, we also have concluded that it is more probable than not that Tom Brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities of McNally and Jastremski involving the release of air from Patriots game balls,” the official report stated with reference to Patriot’s QB Brady.

While Brady was implicated in the Wells Report, it stated that there was no evidence in the involvement of other Patriots personnel and the franchise’s ownership. Both Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Patriots head equipment manager Dave Schoenfeld were specifically mentioned and that they had no knowledge of the the said wrongdoing.

Brady and the Patriots beat the Colts, 45-7 in the conference championship game and went all the way to the NFL title winning Super Bowl XLIX, where Brady was named the game’s Most Valuable Player.

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