Kirk Cousins
Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) is sacked by New York Giants cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (41) in the second quarter at FedEx Field. Reuters/Geoff Burke - USA TODAY Sports

The name Kirk Cousins had been mentioned in the NFL trade talk in the past, but all that should simmer down by now. The 28-year-old quarterback has already signed the franchise tag offer and is confident that this would end the crazy trade talks going around.

That should address the situation, at least for the coming season where Cousins is set to earn AU$32 million. But the case may be different next year when a new round of negotiations shrouds the business relationship between Cousins and the Redskins.

Long-term deal still at impasse

The franchise tag on Kirk Cousins is obviously a short-term fix. He and Redskins management have yet to strike a long-term pact with Cousins’ camp, which is looking for large numbers.

Washington did dangle a five-year deal that would have paid Cousins about AU$26.6 million annually. But it seems that the amount was far from what Cousins’ side was seeking, ESPN reported. After this NFL season, expect both sides to renegotiate, with the franchise tag being the last resort.

2017 NFL Draft selection could change Cousins-Redskins landscape

There could be other things that may hint at the future of Cousins with the Redskins. Though confident that he will remain in Washington for now, the 2017 NFL Draft could factor in at some point.

A lot will depend on what player coach Jay Gruden looks for in the pool. The Redskins own 10 picks in the upcoming draft, the first of which is the 17th in the first round. They are expected to go after players who can play key positions. This would include addressing the defensive line, running back and safety holes. With plenty of options, they could select a quarterback in the mix for safe measure.

NFL mock drafts will have to do for now, and the UPI listed Chad Kelly as a possible selection. If the sequence is to be followed, a quarterback seems to be the least important position Washington intend to go after.

Seeing that the 2017 class doesn’t come with a standout quarterback, locking Cousins seems to be the intent. Trades are still possible but the Redskins will need to buckle down to work. It may not be important for now with a full season ahead.

A quick solution is to do the numbers crunch, which means plenty of negotiations ahead. But if Cousins' take on the matter is any indication, a decision needs to be made soon to satisfy both sides.