One of the eight youth delegates from New Zealand to the 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris said the group plans to attend the talks if it pushes through despite Friday night’s attack. Francisco Hernandez, one of the delegates, told IBT-Australia of their plan.

On Saturday, his mother who is in Australia, posted on his Facebook page, “Wish you don’t have to go there, too many radicals.” However, Hernandez believes the security would be tight, so it would still be safe to proceed.

Unless the conference organisers think otherwise, like just what the band U2 did after the Friday night terrorist attack placed a question mark on the safety of their fans and the band members. Latest report place the death count at 120 people and the attack sites to six.

On Saturday, U2 cancelled their concert supposed to be broadcast live by HBO, reports LA Times. “We watched in disbelief and shock at the unfolding events in Paris and our hearts go to all the victims and their families across the city tonight,” the band said in a statement.

Most of the victims were concert-goers who just attended the Eagles of Death Metal concert held at Bataclan Theater.

On Friday night, French President Francois Hollande declared a national state of emergency and ordered the closure of borders to prevent the terrorists, believed to be linked to the Islamic State in the aftermath of the drone attack on Thursday night believed to have killed Jihadi John.

However, those responsible for the deaths are believed to be dead, reports Globe & Mail.

On Facebook, many members posted prayers for the terror victims, while in Twitter, members asked questions and posted their comments on the possible impact of the Paris terror attack on the conference.

Menchu Macapagal asked, “I wonder how this attack will impact that?”

Watts Up With That’s question is if the incident would made U.S. President Barack Obama rethink his priority if climate change is indeed the biggest threat to the planet, implying it possibly is the Islamic State or terror attacks.

Obama described the attack as “an outrageous attempt to terrorize civilians.”

Blaze Orange tweets, “Bets are this attack will be blamed on global warming.”

It is too early to expect any response from organisers of the Climate Change Conference at this point as France hunts for the terrorists responsible for the carnage, but youth delegates, like those from New Zealand – who said their thoughts are with the people of Paris - are determined to attend if the event pushes through.

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