Local residents Chris and Viv Young look at damage caused by an earthquake, along State Highway One near the town of Ward, south of Blenheim on New Zealand's South Island, November 14, 2016. Reuters/Anthony Phelps

New Zealand earthquake has once again led to fears in the country as another quake of 5.5 magnitude has struck the Seddon region, two weeks after two earthquakes caused widespread damage in the nation. The incident happened at 3:34PM.

The epicentre for the earthquake is reported to be a small town of Seddon, located 35km east of Seddon, where it emerged at a depth of 17km. The intensity of the New Zealand earthquake is being described as “severe.”

After a 5.5 magnitude quake, a shockwave of magnitude 4.7 was also reported at 4PM. Furthermore, shockwaves of magnitude 3.8 and 3.3 also followed. More shockwaves are expected.

The tremors of the earthquake were felt until Christchurch, which is almost 500km away. Furthermore, residents of Blenheim, Paraparaumu, French Pass, Picton, Seddon as well as Wellington also felt the tremors. About 7,000 people have felt the quake reportedly.

Local residents have been advised to stay indoors during a quake. They have been asked to drop, cover and hold during the time as more shockwaves are expected to hit in the Seddon region.

The area has been hit by several quakes after the 7.8-magnitude New Zealand earthquake that had hit the country in November, causing widespread damage.

No injuries or damage has been reported to St John central communications or Wellington Free Ambulance so far, reports New Zealand Herald. Seddon's Awatere Accommodation owner Darryn McKenzie told the publication that the region was equipped to deal with quakes since 2003. An 8km deep earthquake of magnitude 6.6 had hit just offshore from Seddon on Aug. 16, 2013.

“Anything that was gonna fall down, fell down in 2013. So we are on the back-end of repairing the damage that was done in 2013. When we repair things down here now, we repair them knowing there could be an earthquake next week. For example my microwaves are screwed to the bench so they can't come off,” he said.