It's amazing how makeup has the ability to enhance facial features, transform us into our desired character and boost our self-esteem.

Space NK, a cosmetics retailer, has recently released an infographic entitled, "How Makeup Changes Us," which compiles nearly all the researches done on the women's use of makeup, and some tidbits of the history of makeup.

The research results compiled in the infographic were mostly focused on how applying makeup transforms the wearer. In a study done in French bars, women with makeup were approached by men after 17 minutes, while women without makeup were approached after 23 minutes.

Another survey conducted on college-age women in the U.S. concluded wearing makeup increasesfeelings of self-confidence and sociability.

Industry wise, European countries have the highest record of cosmetics sales, with Germany posting a 12.7 billion euros investment in the cosmetics industry. The list of top cosmetics markets are France, Italy, the UK and Spain.

But Sarah Berry of Sydney Morning Herald was "bothered" by two of the studies featured in the infographic. One was the survey among British teens where 71% of them said "confidence of appearance" affects their self-esteem.

The other was the survey among U.S. women where half of them "have negative feelings about appearance" when they do not wear makeup.

"The information in the chart makes a compelling argument for buying make-up, which presumably is the point," Berry writes. "However, it inadvertently accentuates concerning aspects of our culture."

According to Dr. Arnaud Aubert, makeup does have an impact on how a woman is to be perceived. He has done extensive research on the link of makeup and social perception, and according to him, imperfections such as dark spots distracts the brain, thus "it processes less and so has a weaker social assessment of the person it is looking at."

But beyond the perfecting abilities makeup provides, nothing is more beautifying than a positive outlook in life. A study has concluded confidence and genuine happy smiles have a greater impact in appearance more than any other beauty product.

A combination of quality beauty products and happy disposition is the right formula for beauty beyond skin deep.

Infographic produced by SpaceNK

Infographic produced by SpaceNK