New Steam indie games for November week 3: ‘Tower 57’ and more

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The Steam logo from the official Steam website. Steam/Valve

A new week means a new set of indie games to play on Steam. Gamers are sure to turn their attention toward the likes of recent releases such as “Injustice 2,” while the smaller independent titles may struggle to find the audience they deserve.

Listed below are new indie games made available on Steam in the past few days. The list is based on the titles’ Steam pages. Prices are subject to change due to possibilities of sales and discounts.

‘Tower 57’ | Developer: Pixwerk | Price: US$9.95 (AU$13.16)

Its retro-style graphic design is already enough to get your attention, but “Tower 57” is more than just that. Heavily focused on cooperative combat, the game expects players to work together as they shoot lots’a stuff. Before doing so, you may choose to play as one of six characters, each with different skills and personalities.

‘Divide’ | Developer: Exploding Tuba Studios | Price: US$16.99 (AU$22.46)

“Divide” is an isometric game with a strong sci-fi emphasis. At its core is a shooter game that relies on players searching for clues to unlock the secrets of the environment. Expect to use stealth and strategy as well. Take note that according to its Steam page, the game requires an XInput compatible gamepad to play.

‘Choice’ | Developer: Olympic, SP| Price: US$5.59 (AU$7.39)

In “Choice,” you die. Lots of times. Based on current reviews, it's one of those you-die-and-die-but-it-feels-so-good kind of games similar to “Dark Souls.” But don’t let the comparison fool you. “Choice” is a completely different game on its own. It will need your utmost concentration to go from one place to another without suffering a humiliating demise. The title’s description even expects players to use pen and paper and even a quick internet search in order to survive.