New Steam indie games for November week 2: 'Turf Wars' and more

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Plenty of games are released on Steam every day. Most of them, however, may never get the attention they deserve, and with the release of the PS4 hit “Nioh” on the PC, chances of getting a sizeable audience may have become slimmer.

Below are just some of the games you may have missed. The list is based on present information on Steam; prices are subject to change due to sales and discounts.

‘Ayo: A Rain Tale’ | Developer: Inkline Ltd | Price: US$6.99 (AU$9.12)

Ayo: A Rain Tale” utilises a distinct art style to tell the heartbreaking story of Ayo as she fetches water for her family. The side-scrolling adventure sets itself in a Sub-Saharan African-inspired world filled with natural obstacles at every turn.

‘Bottle: Pilgrim’ | Developer: Tonguç Bodur | Price: US$5.39 (AU$7.04)

Loss, regret and redemption. These are the three themes the synopsis provides on the game’s Steam page. "Bottle: Pilgrim" is a walking simulator set in seven locations, in which players must solve puzzles and brave weather conditions to help the protagonist accomplish his spiritual pilgrimage.

‘Turf Wars’ | Developer: Red Line Games | Price: US$7.99 (AU$10.43)

“Turf Wars” is a local multiplayer title set in, according to its Steam page, “dynamic crime-shaped ghetto environments.” Here, you’re in charge of gangsters as you try to defeat your friends and claim your turf once and for all.

‘Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy’ | Developer: Eurocom, THQ Nordic | Price: US$9.89 (AU$12.91)

Okay, so this isn’t a new game, but “Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy” is always worth recommending no matter the platform. Once released for sixth-gen consoles, it has finally made its way on Steam. This classic game is set in a world inspired by the magic and mystery of ancient Egypt. You play the roles of Sphinx and Tutankhamen, helping them stop an ancient evil from ruling the land.