New Steam games for March week 1: 'Rise of Insanity' and more

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'Rise Of Insanity.' Red Limb Studio

The shortest month of the year has passed, heralding the arrival of March and its lineup of new video games. As usual, plenty of new releases are expected, particularly games as huge as “Far Cry 5” and “Sea of Thieves.”

This list, however, contains the smaller indie titles that are also deserving of attention. Listed below are three new Steam games you might want to check out.

‘Rise of Insanity’ – Developer: Red Limb Studio

How about starting the month with a horror game? No? “Rise of Insanity” from Poland-based Red Limb Studio puts you in the shoes of a psychologist in 1970’s America as he investigates to discover the link between his own family and a mysterious new patient. Realistic graphics and a haunting soundtrack work together to achieve one particular goal, which is, as you may have already guessed, scare the daylights out of you.

‘Heroes of Hammerwatch’ – Developer: Crackshell

Here’s another rogue-lite action-adventure experience. The goal in “Heroes of Hammerwatch” is to reach the top of the Forsaken Spire, but not without looting items, solving puzzles and encountering hordes of enemies. The more you try, the stronger your character becomes. Plenty of replay value here, considering the presence of co-op play and a much-welcomed New Game+ mode.

‘Distortions’ – Developer: Among Giants

"Distortions" is a story-driven adventure made possible by the passion of Brazilian producers from Among Giants. In this game, music is your weapon. The main character must traverse an enigmatic land filled with strange creatures. Armed with a violin, you must shape the world by learning different ways to play the instrument. The combination of eye-catching graphics and an interesting premise makes this game worth checking out.