New Steam games for February week 2: 'DESOLATE' and more

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'DESOLATE.' HypeTrain Digital/NEARGA games

You know the drill: it’s terribly difficult to spot the best new Steam games, what with all the dozens of titles released on the store each day. Listed below are some of the titles released on Steam in the past few days. Here you’ll see a pixelated horror game, a vibrant yet violent hack-and-slash, and a survival adventure that you can experience with your friends.

‘Deadly Escape’ – Developer: Ominous Entertainment

Don’t let the well-made pixel graphics fool you. “Deadly Escape” lives up to its title. It’s an episodic game in which you must survive an onslaught of zombies. Be wary, though, and use your bullets sparingly. If you die, you start over. The game currently has one chapter, and more are expected to arrive soon.

‘Slasher's Keep’ – Developer: Damian Schloter

Slasher's Keep” would perhaps remind you of “XIII,” a 2003 video game that sort of shares the same graphical quality. This time, however, you are thrust in a world of mythical enemies. The titular location is a huge randomly generated dungeon filled with foes and traps at every turn. You may play as one of two characters, and more can be unlocked. Take note that the game is still in Early Access, but from the look of things so far, it seems worth checking out.

‘DESOLATE’ – Developer: Nearga

Also an Early Access title, “DESOLATE” is a first-person horror survival game that involves investigating a post-apocalyptic environment. You play as a Volunteer, one of many tasked to do research on a land that had fallen victim to a global catastrophe. You must fight monsters and humans alike. If your friends are up to the challenge, a max of four people can experience the world together.