New Steam games for February week 1: 'Tangledeep' and more

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'Tangledeep.' Impact Gameworks/Press

With the release of “Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age” for the PC, it may have become more difficult for smaller titles to attract attention this February. Yes, recent indie games like “Celeste” is currently enjoying an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam as of this writing, but some titles are most likely craving for similar affection.

Listed below are three new Steam games released in the first few days of February. Here you’ll see balls, swords and lots of magic.

‘AtmaSphere’ – Developer: Mazen Games

AtmaSphere” has you rolling a ball to reach a certain area. While the idea itself sounds simplistic, the gameplay is anything but. Traps and obstacles hinder you from finishing, and it’s up to your quick reflex to make sure nothing terrible happens to the ball. With 30 challenging levels to traverse, this game will surely test your ball-handling skills.

‘Ling’ – Developer: Chautauqua Software

“Our young man passing through the desolated world only to try to access the ‘final’, despite the ignorance of what challenge awaits there,” says the game’s info page. Whatever that “final” is, it seems to be super important, right? Boasting an eye-catching art style, “Ling” is a single-player action-adventure title that caters to fans of sword-and-fist gameplay. Whereas “AtmaSphere” requires your ball-rolling expertise, this one will test your concentration when it comes to beating bosses and eliminating hordes of enemies.

‘Tangledeep’ – Developer: Impact Gameworks

Here’s a lovely RPG with an intricate turn-based combat system. Fresh from its Early Access status, “Tangledeep” is ready for the world. Inspired by classic 16-bit games of the past, this rogue-like title tells of a protagonist venturing out onto the world’s surface after living underground for so long. Monsters and quests await.

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