New Steam games April 2018 week 1: 'Long Gone Days' and more

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long gone days
Screenshot from 'Long Gone Days.' BURA

April has come, along with the onslaught of new games being released on Steam. Surely the average gamer still has a mountainous pile of backlog waiting to be finished. Perhaps there’s no harm in increasing the excess by recommending more games?

Listed below are some of the new Steam games released in the past few days. There’s bound to be something for every kind of player here.

‘Long Gone Days’ – Developer: BURA

Long Gone Days” shows plenty of promise, despite being an Early Access offering at this point. This 2D RPG has all the makings of a fan favourite, with its gorgeous sprites, top-notch anime drawings, and a tale of a dystopian future focusing on conflicts related to language and culture.

‘Flash Point: Fire Rescue’ – Developer: RetroEpic Software

It’s challenging, the way actual firefighting is supposed to be. In “Flash Point: Fire Rescue,” players must coordinate firefighters as they make their way through burning hallways to rescue survivors and stop the flames once and for all. Single and multiplayer modes are available, and those having trouble understanding the mechanics can immediately start with a Family Game mode.

‘Train Valley 2’ – Developer: Flazm

This sequel to “Train Valley” retains the mechanics of the original, but it still adds new stuff like a supply/demand system and levels that require moving different resources. It's also an Early Access title, with the full version expected to have 50 levels and modding support.

Below are some games that are also worth checking out:

Goldmine’ – A casual clicker. Here, players must manage resources and run a fantasy goldmine.

Maze of Infection’ – Survive twelve zombie-infested floors in this action-horror game. Warning: it's violent.

The Flood’ – For those looking for a quick playthrough. This is a five-minute narrative experience that involves a boat, a river, and some important life lessons.