New smart ring could change motion-controlled gaming

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More and more innovations are coming to the video game industry.  This includes the new controller that can be used  with just a player's finger.

A startup company named Titanium Falcon Inc. announced last week that it has finished designing a “smart ring” that could signal a new era for gaming. The ring dubbed Talon will be used as a new video game controller, and the company behind it thinks that it “will change the way users play games forever.”

To create the ring, Titanium is looking for supporters who could fund the project through Indiegogo later this month. The crowdfunding campaign aims on gathering $300,000 (AU$ 4,135) to jumpstart the project. The company plans on selling Talon for no more than $100.

For the ring to work, it will use Bluetooth Low Energy technology and 9-axis motion control sensor to connect with any smart device including smartphones, tablets, TVs, smart watches or a VR headset. The ring will then be used to recognise hand gestures as appropriate inputs for the game or application.

Titanium CEO and founder Guo Juan said in a press release that the Talon controller may have a huge impact on gaming since it is a cheaper alternative to expensive gaming gadgets and consoles. The Talon will be less than 3.8m thick and will feature two action buttons that will aid players. It is also said to be compatible with a wide array of genres including shooting, racing and sports games.

Along with the Xbox Kinect, Wii U and Playstation Move, the Talon could further enhance the way people play. Although motion-controlled games are currently trending, it is yet to attain success, and Talon reportedly hopes it could do just that.

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