Blizzard is improving the ping times in Australia for "Overwatch." PlayOverwatch

“Overwatch” has recently come under some fire following the fan feedback of a sexy pose for its character. Blizzard has already commented on the matter, but a new issue, this time regarding an old patched bug, has surfaced.

Even the matter of the alleged oversexualised pose should have been the end of the discussion, a new issue, time about a removed bug, has fans on the flipside. Bleeding Cool reported that there is now a petition to bring bag a patched bug that now prevents fans from dropping into the world’s map.

The petition claims that the bug now prevents players to get into the environment map, and takes the game into a new direction. The bug was first seen during the beta phase of “Overwatch,” but now fans are signing to support the petition. This particular issues has not yet received a comment or an acknowledgement from Blizzard.

For now, fans who are excited about the upcoming shooter game may want to check out the newest animated short titled “Alive.” This is the second short for the game, and it now focuses on the Widowmaker, a sniper mercenary who embodies the idea of stealth on the battlefield.

“Overwatch is a game about jumping into the shoes – or giant mechanical boots – of a hero with incredible powers, and then teaming up to do amazing things,” said Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan via PlayStation Blog Europe. “Each character in our cast comes with a unique set of special abilities that can change the course of battle in the blink of an eye. ”

Players who are looking for a challenge in “Overwatch” while using Widowmaker may find its match with Tracer. According to Kaplan, one of her weaknesses is Tracer, who can dart around battles fast enough to challenge Widowmaker’s sniping abilities.

Widowmaker has her ups to as a character, since she has the Infra-Sight, an ability to reveal where the enemy is for the entire team. There’s also Venom Mines, which alerts Widowmaker if there are any lingering enemies nearby.

The video below should showcase more of Widowmaker in action.”Overwatch” is coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 24.

"Overwatch" animated short Alive (Credit: YouTube/sonyplaystation)