'New Girl' S06E11
Schmidt and Cece leaving the loft may prove to be beneficial for the rest of the gang on 'New Girl' season 6, episode 11. Fox/New Girl Official Facebook Page

Jess (Zooey Deschanel) gets her dream job while Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Cece (Hannah Simone) are on the brink of leaving the loft on “New Girl” season 6, episode 11 (New Girl 6x11).

Spoiler alert: This recap contains plot details about season 6 of “New Girl.” The sixth season premiered Sept. 20. The show is available in Australia via Tenplay.

Everyone’s favourite gang is set to return next week. Jess, Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt, Cece and Winston (Lamorne Morris) are going to make their 2017 debut on the January 3 episode, “Raisin’s Back.” According to “New Girl” executive producer Brett Baer, fans should expect the show’s characters to develop professionally.

“There are some possible promotions coming along,” said Baer as quoted by EW. “Jess is going to become principal, and Schmidt is going to have some professional success at some point.”

After all of her hardships, Jess is finally on her way to becoming principal. And as she firmly insists on “James Wonder,” Jess isn’t going to be pushed or persuaded easily by the Parents’ Council. She vows to be a “principal for the kids, not the parents.”

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Schmidt and Cece are also set to embark on a new beginning as a married couple. They are on the brink of leaving the unit to move into their newly bought house. Winston, meanwhile, is going to be reunited with Aly (Nasim Pedrad), who returns from her Quantico training.

Lackadaisical Nick is bound to finish his book and is excited for Reagan (Megan Fox) to read it. He is finally maturing and fulfilling his passion in life, which is writing. What Reagan says about his work is more important to him than the actual book, though, and that could either make or break them.

Fans are going to see more of Reagan following her “Christmas Eve Eve” return as she is set to move in with the gang on “New Girl” season 6, episode 11. After all, a couple of vacancies are going to be available once Schmidt and Cece take off.