New Game Joins The PS Plus April 2015 Lineup; ‘Skullgirls’ And ‘Bloodborne’ Get New Features and Game Glitches

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PlayStation gamers may have enjoyed the PS Plus April 2015 lineup, which was revealed before Easter weekend hit. But it appears that a new title will be joining the list.

Creator Lumenox Games’ “Aaru’s Awakening” is a fast-paced platformer that takes game design to the next level of hand-drawn quality. And it’s coming as a free game for PS Plus subscribers on April 7. The game will be available on both the PS4 and PS3, and it is one of those titles that combines wit to solve puzzles and appreciation for the scenic environment and the mood music that come with the adventure.

“Aaru’s Awakening” has been in development for quite some time, and has even experienced a delay from last year’s planned summer release. However, speaking with the PlayStation Blog, developer Lumenox Games stated that the game has undergone a number of revisions based on player feedback.

One of the more prominent changes involve the difficulty of the game levels. Some puzzles were tweaked, while boss levels saw some overhauls left and right. But players are now assured of a more fluid game that lets players adapt to easily while still giving a challenge. PS4 and PS3 players who do not have a PS Plus subscription can still get the game for $14.99.

In other PS4 games, “Skullgirls” has received new updates from its developer. Engadget reports that PS4 players can actually enjoy fighting with other PS3 players in the game. According to the source, this was confirmed by Jonathan Kim, senior animator, via a tweet.

The multiplayer crossplay between the PS4 and PS3 versions of “Skullgirls” will come in the form of a patch. But it’s still up for testing and approval for Sony.

Players who are having a hard time with “Bloodborne” may also benefit from this new finding. One player, Redditor meatballz, appears to have found a new way to make the game easier, especially the boss battles. Gearnuke found the fan discovery, stating that it might be due to a memory leak after “Bloodborne” is left on the PS4 for too long.

The secret to overcoming bosses easily is to leave the game on the PS4 for more than 12 hours. Doing this will limit the boss’s move sets, turning the fights around to the players’ favor. This has already been confirmed by other players, with videos, such as the ones below, showing the weakened bosses in fights.

In some players’ cases, what appears are different battles and playthroughs from other gamers, with the harder moves eliminated from their games. Gone are the harder spellcasting, dark cloud phases, cosmos and tentacle attacks and variations. This is most likely a glitch for “Bloodborne,” and one that developers may catch on to moving forward. But for now, players who may have a hard time defeating a boss at a certain level may make use of the newest glitch.

Easy Mode Logarius in "Bloodborne" (Credit: YouTube/Bumble)

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