Humble Indie Bundle 14 Packs In 'Shadow Warrior,' 'Outlast' And 'Torchlight II'

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The mutually exclusive traits of being cheap and philanthropy don't usually meet – that is, until you throw videogames into the mix and get the Humble Bundle. These bundles are digital collections of games curated according to themes that change with each iteration. Apart from the excellent array of games, these weekly and fortnightly bundles are compelling because they allow gamers to choose what they want to pay for games. The fact that the games offered are DRM free and mostly cross-platform makes the deal even sweeter. The best part is that a part of the payment goes towards charity.

The latest Humble Bundle is a collection of the best independent games in its fourteenth iteration. Dubbed as the Humble Indie Bundle 14, the collection offers some of the finest indie games across genres, according to PC Gamer. These include "Shadow Warrior," "Outlast," "Torchlight II," "La Mulana," "Pixel Piracy," "UnEpic" and "Super Splatters." Out of these, "Pixel Piracy," "UnEpic" and "Super Splatters" can be had for as little as one cent, but those willing to spend a dollar and more will receive the Steam keys for the games.

Paying more than the average price – which stands at $5.91 as of this writing – unlocks "Outlast," "Torchlight II" and "La Mulana." This is an excellent proposition because "Outlast" is one of the most terrific survival horror games out in the market. "Torchlight II" is considered a fitting indie answer to the "Diablo" action RPG franchise, with solid RPG mechanics and excellent replay value. Spending more than a dollar unlocks the sublime FPS "Shadow Warrior Special Edition." It is the reboot of the '90s Build engine classic that incorporates surprisingly great graphics with solid old-school FPS gameplay. The game still sells for $40 on Steam.

VG247 reports that The Humble Indie Bundle 14 does something that no Humble Bundle has achieved before – offer something that you can touch and feel. Those with deeper pockets can opt for the "Travellin' Pack," which is a goodie bag that comes with a t-shirt, handkerchief and an embroidered patch. It's priced at $40, which includes international shipping to all countries. The deal will get sweeter next week, when the bundle will have more games added to the pay more than the average price tier. The bundle is valid until April 14 and can be availed by following this link.

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Humble Indie Bundle 14 (credit: Humble Bundle YouTube channel)

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