Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo poses with his son Cristiano Ronaldo Junior
Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo poses with his son Cristiano Ronaldo Junior during the unveiling of his statue at a tribute ceremony held in his city of birth, in Funchal December 21, 2014. REUTERS/Duarte Sa

Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled a statue of his own in his own country. The statue, however, shows the star footballer in extremely tight shorts showcasing his crotch in an awkward manner.

The statue, even though quite a matter of emotion for the footballer, looks awkward to many as it has Ronaldo wearing extremely tight pair of shorts which gives a "fairly substantial bulge," according to Metro. The website also wonders if it was a "complex advertising scheme" for the underwear brand of the player. It was not clear why the sculptor of the bronze statue decided to emphasise on a particular part of the footballer's anatomy. The 3.4 metre statue is a part of the personal museum of the Real Madrid footballer. The personal museum is going to feature Ronaldo's trophies which include his Ballon d'Or titles.

The statue was erected in Madeira, Portugal. It is the same island where the champion football player grew up. Ronaldo was present during the unveiling ceremony which he described as a "very special moment." The Real Madrid star was accompanied by his family and plenty of excited fans. Ronaldo said that it was "special" to have his statue. The ceremony was held on Sunday, Dec. 21. Ronaldo earlier helped his team win the Club World Cup. Times of India reported that it was the fourth trophy in 2014 that Real Madrid won after beating San Lorenzo 2-0. The Portuguese star travelled from Marrakeh to his island the next day for the ceremony.

The Twitter world reacted heavily about the extra bulge in the pants of Ronaldo's statue. Paddy (@_Paddy_White_) posts that "the bulge literally deters from anything else." The user wonders if it is intentional. When Steffan Martins (@SteffanM) writes that the statue does not resemble the face of the footballer, Khanage (@ThatsWaq) reacts by saying that nobody is looking at Ronaldo's face. ralpost (@ralpost) posts that it was "very considerate" of the sculptor to make an "extra perch for the pigeons." "The only place to go for all your erection puns on a Sunday afternoon," writes Ben Nagle (‏@bennagle17). Paul Mernock (‏@Maldini) writes that Ronaldo's statue is "err...flattering."

The new statue of Ronaldo is...err...flattering... pic.twitter.com/yOnUNwB8oB"

— Paul Mernock (@Maldini) December 21, 2014

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