The New And Clinically Tested 'Anti-Ageing' Chocolate To Keep You Look Young And Vibrant

By @Guneet_B on
A stack of chocolate bars sits on a table before being wrapped at the Mast Brothers Chocolate factory in the Brooklyn borough of New York July 8, 2010.
Dark Chocolate offers relief to the patients suffering from PAD. Reuters/stringer

A group of academic scientists from the Cambridge University has developed a low-calorie chocolate that claims to keep its consumer young despite growing older. According to its developers, the beauty chocolate 'Estechoc' has a potential to rectify the purified blood supply to the skin.

The dark chocolate contains cocoa flavanols and marine carotenoid astaxanthin, two of the most powerful anti-oxidants that help purify blood and improve its circulation. Researchers have claimed that consuming a mere 7.5g of the magic chocolate a day can help swap the effects of the ageing process, keeping the skin young, healthy and glowing.

As a part of the clinical trial, scientists monitored a group of people aged between 50 to 60 years who took chocolate on a daily basis for a continuous period of three weeks. The results proved to be remarkable, with more oxygenated blood that reaches the skin, improved circulation to the peripheral tissues and less prominent wrinkles than before. In addition, the clinical trial has proved that consumption of the chocolate is completely safe for people with diabetes since the chocolate is calorie-free and does not produce postprandial lipid upon consumption.

The chocolate has been developed in association with Lycotec, while the commercial aspects will be taken care of by Cambridge Chocolate Technologies.

The world's first ever 'beauty chocolate' is set to hit the market shelf in Europe in March.

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