How long do you think it'll take to work off that pizza you had for dinner? CC BY 2.0/JeffreyW

Surprising results from a new infographic shows that a meal at Nando’s could set you further back from your New Year’s resolutions than a similar meal at Red Rooster.

A new graph from Compare The Market compares how long it takes to work off everyday food court staples, such as a meal from McDonald’s or Sumo Salad.

The figures are based on a person weighing 78 kilograms, and is measured in terms of calories burnt per hour when either running, swimming, walking or doing yoga. It comes as a handy guide to navigating the lunch hour, with some of the most unlikely suspects like a burrito from Guzman y Gomez taking eaters more than three hours to walk off.

Other foods under scrutiny are a Caffe Latte Grande from Starbucks, and a Banana Buzz Medium Smoothie from Boost.

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