Martha Stewart may have just proven that even the Queen of Perfect cannot always be perfect.

Last Sunday, Martha posted over Twitter photos of her latest meal which includes the caption, "Iceberg wedge with homemade Russian dressing. Perfect salad for the onion soup lunch."

But judging from the comments the tweet received, her followers thinks she 'fails' in taking food photos. A lot of users think the photos were 'terrible,' and that it 'looks like prison food.'

This was not the first time she posted photos like mentioned. There have been numerous instances where she posted food photos which are less than appealing, as recounted by The Daily Mail and The Kitchn.

The Kitchn, however, defends the domestic goddess, saying that "she's just like us," in the sense that people do not always take good photos.

But netizens apparently do not take that as an excuse. Martha has previously slammed today's food and lifestyle bloggers by saying they are not properly trained.

"I mean there are bloggers writing recipes that aren't tested, that aren't necessarily very good, or are copies of everything that really good editors have created and done."

A Twitter user, however, claims that food bloggers sometimes take photos better than Martha's.

"I'm "just" a blogger, and not an "expert," but I can DEFINITELY take a better food photo than this."

Meanwhile, photography experts Matt Armendariaz and Matt Rubin talk to The Daily Mail about ways on how food enthusiasts (including Martha) can improve their food photos.

Matt Armendiaz suggests turning off the flash because "it doesn't work well with food and it's not very friendly." Instead, add more lighting by positioning near a natural light source such as near the window.

On the other hand, Matt Rubin shares suggestions for taking food photos via smartphones such as using camera apps. He recommends "VSCO, Nightcap, Camera+ or even Evernote Food."

Finally, Rubin suggests that as a food authority, Martha should invest in a phone with a decent camera function such as the iPhone 5S.