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Urban Outfitters promised that it would have stocks of the NES Classic Edition on Dec. 6 and announced the same over its official Instagram account. However, the retailer did not provide the exact time the sale would begin nor where exactly it would be available, and this move has left many buyers furious.


Three days to go! The Nintendo NES Classic Edition will be available online on Tuesday, 12/6. #UOTech #UOGifted

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Urban Outfitters, which is known for selling clothing and accessories, surprisingly announced that it had stocks of the illusive NES Classic Edition over the weekend. While it was confirmed that the console would be available on Dec. 6, one vital piece of information was left out of the announcement. Eager individuals were left wondering what time the device would hit stores and some waited hours for it to happen -- and still logged off empty handed.

In addition, Urban Outfitters never announced exactly where the console would be available. The original announcement was teased over Instagram, so many thought the link would be announced there. Others, on the other hand, kept a close eye on the retailer’s official online store.

However, the link was announced via the store’s official Twitter account at 9:30am ET on Dec. 6 (1:30am ACT Dec. 7). And while others thanked Urban Outfitters for making the console available, a large group of the public was furious at how the event was handled.

When Polygon reached out to the store for an official statement, the spokesperson merely said that all units of the NES Classic Edition were sold out “very early this morning.” The company refused to confirm how many units it had in stock or answer questions about how the sale was handled.

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There is no news yet about when and where the next shipment of the NES Classic Edition will be available, as Nintendo has been seemingly handing out small bursts of the console. Whether or not a new wave will reach any shore before Christmas is unclear at this point, but Nintendo did promise shipments will come in until the new year.