NES Classic Edition
The NES Classic Edition has been sold out in various retailers for days and is being auctioned at overwhelming markups. YouTube/Nintendo

In the gaming community, the NES Classic Edition is a humble yet incredibly sought after piece of hardware. It was sold out so quickly -- within minutes of release in stores and various online retailers -- that some individuals have had to resort to purchasing the console at incredible markups.

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The NES Classic Edition was priced at just US$60 (AU$80). But because of the lack of supply and overwhelming demand, some owners have taken to sell their consoles on eBay for hundreds of dollars. Nintendo has confirmed that it will restock the console before the holidays hit, but there are other ways to purchase the device now without breaking the bank.

Walmart seems to have had some foresight into the success of the NES Classic Edition. As such, the retailer has been releasing limited stocks online for a few days now. Every day at 5PM ET (9AM AEDT), the retailer restocks the console online.

However, demand is still high and the devices still sell out quick. Interested buyers will get their last chance on Wednesday 5PM ET (Thursday 9AM AEDT).

As BGR reported, there are other retailers that have been trickling out stocks of the console as well. Included in the list are Target and Best Buy, but their times are less predictable.

However, NowInStock is a webpage that might help consumers track down which retailers are carrying the NES Classic Edition. The website has an in-stock tracker for the NES Mini, where viewers can check the status of various retailers in regards to the console. As an added bonus, users can also specifically search for stores via zip codes, which will definitely make things easier. Furthermore, prices are also indicated on the website.

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The NES Classic Edition is a remake of the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System. It comes with 30 of the best retro games pre-installed into the console and one wired controller.

Watch the features trailer of the NES Classic Edition