NES Classic Edition
The NES Classic Edition is again available through a handful of retailers - for a limited time. Facebook/Nintendo

The NES Classic Edition has been released in very small amounts through several different retailers, each of which has taken creative liberties when it comes to how distribution will be. Amazon and ThinkGeek are twisting the standard rules and are releasing their stocks by luck of the draw.

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Instead of the standard first-come-first-serve strategy, Amazon is taking advantage of its Amazon Prime Now feature, which is the retailer’s local delivery service. Members of the same can get their hands on the NES Classic Edition within two hours of making the purchase. The catch is that the delivery is only available in select locations around the United States.

Like most retailers, Amazon is expected to only hold a few stocks of the retro console, so while competition will definitely be minimal, it is still suggested to grab a copy as soon as possible. Amazon Prime Now is available for the following locations:

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Miami, Florida
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Orlando, Florida

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On the other hand, ThinkGeek is a little less exclusive with its deal. But while being fair, the retailer is also washing its hands free of too many customers heading online at one time. Its strategy for the NES Classic Edition relies primarily on luck, which then eliminates the consumer’s constant need and struggle to be first.

"Here's the deal: More of you want NES Classics than we have to sell. We want to do right by you, so we're going to make this as fair as we can,” the product description reads on ThinkGeek. “We were thinking some sort of 'Hunger Games'-style showdown, but instead here's how we're going to do this..."

What interested buyers will simply need to do is add the machine to their wishlists, and ThinkGeek will hold a drawing of names everyday at 10am ET (2am ACT). When a customer is chosen, they are provided with a code that will allow them to actually purchase the NES Classic Edition. The code is only good for 24 hours, however, so it would be best to keep an eye out on one’s account.

ThinkGeek ships economy packages to Australia via the Australian Post, as long as items cost below US$100 (AU$135) and 1.8 kilograms -- and the NES Classic Edition fits right in. It might take a little longer, but the retro console is sure to arrive.