NCIS LA Actors Chris O'Donnell (L) And LL Cool J
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“NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 7 premieres Sept. 21, Monday, on CBS. The promo video shows a seemingly broken Callen, making everyone worry. Does this have something to do with Callen’s father?

Spoiler alert: This update contains “NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 7 spoilers. Read on at your own risk if you have not seen the promo clip off the new season’s premiere episode.

In the NCIS LA Season 6 finale, Callen (Chris O’Donnell) learns from Hetty (Linda Hunt) that his father has died. Considering how obsessed Callen has been in his search for his biological dad, the show has not yet given Callen sufficient grieving time.

However, the viewers learned toward the end of the finale that Reznikov is actually alive and well. The implications of this revelation is expected to pan out in NCIS LA Season 7.

“When Callen goes rogue and embarks on a secret mission that leaves Sam and the team in the dark, Hetty demands that his operation be shut down and tasks the team with finding him,” reads the official CBS synopsis.

NCIS LA Agent Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) is unhappy about the way Hetty is dealing with the Callen situation. Has Callen become a double agent? There is a lot of action in the new season promo, convincing viewers to tune in for the premiere episode.

NCIS LA fans also want to find out what happens next to Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) and Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen). The couple has been generally romantically stable in Season 6, but there is always room for some conflict.

“NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 7 airs Mondays on CBS. Care to share your thoughts about the series?

WATCH: “NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 7 Promo Video (CBS on YouTube)

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