Cleveland Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson (24) scores a basket against Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23)
Cleveland Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson (24) scores a basket against Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) during the second half in game two of the NBA Finals at Oracle Arena. June 2, 2016; Oakland, CA, USA Reuters/USA Today Sports/Kelley L Cox

After stealing Game 1 from the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Golden State Warriors headed off to the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, on Sunday night (local time) to try and take Game 2. Warriors beat Cavaliers 110-77.

Starting off with the legends

NBA Finals Game 2 started with Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green, Andrew Bogut, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry for the Golden State Warriors facing Kyrie Irving, J.R. Smith, LeBron James, Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After the legendary Carlos Santana sang the National Anthem, Game 2 kicked off.

The Cavs took quick control of the game, taking the tip off and scoring before the Warriors could warm up.

Game 2: Blazing first quarter

With the crowd yelling "defence" every time the Cavs took the ball, the pressure on the court seemed to blow off the roof.

The pressure pressed down on the Golden State Warriors. Curry missed two three-pointers in the early part of the game and it took three minutes into the game before Green gave them their first shot. Unyielding and defiant, with five minutes on the clock, Curry finally sank a three in to take the Warriors to a lead for the first time since tip off (10-11). The Cavs subsequently got denied shot by shot with Warriors' Andrew Bogut protecting his team.

It was LeBron James' alley-oop to Tristan Thompson that helped them take a 21-19 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Australian centre Andrew Bogut was the star of the quarter with four blocks, two points and three rebounds early in the game.

Cavaliers' James and Warriors' Thompson failed to score in the first quarter of the NBA Finals Game 2.

Cavs protect the lead for the second quarter

The second quarter started off with an all-out war with Warrior's Green responding with a three to the Cavs lead. Unfortunately for them, Cavaliers' Iman Shumpert along with James' assist took the lead back. James used the momentum to score his first point which consequently woke up Warriors' star Klay Thompson.

After that, it was a struggle for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Warriors' Green and Curry laid up point by point until they were leading 9 points and then 11 points over the Cavs.

Meanwhile, Cavs' Kevin Love was injured with an elbow to the head but remained in the game. He hit a three-pointer in an attempt to catch up to the Warriors' growing lead which was rendered useless when Curry and Thompson sank in their own.

The second quarter can be summarised in three important things: Golden State Warrior Curry is at his third foul, Cleveland Cavaliers' James is not sinking in enough balls and the Warriors are leading 52-44.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Game 2 third quarter

The win looks like a far off dream for the Cleveland Cavaliers as the Golden State Warriors grapple to take control of the NBA Finals Game 2.

Just as the Cavs score, Curry refuted it by grabbing the ball, bouncing of the floor and shooting another three-pointer. Love then passed to Andrew Bogut, he shoots and then the Cavs took a timeout.

With eight minutes left of the thrid quarter, Love left the game presumably because of the head injury he sustained earlier. Cavs' Jefferson also drew another foul from Curry which got the Warriors star back on the bench.

Meanwhile, Klay Thompson was on fire, sinking three after three, burying the Cavs in a 12-point lead and six minutes on the clock.

Cavs' JR Smith scored with layup but Warriors' Green took it back with a three pointer. Leandro Barbosa and Richard Jefferson engaged into war, taking alternating points until a layup ended with a timeout for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The score was 53-67, still in the Warriors' favor.

Green proceeded to score his fifth three-pointer which sustained the momentum in his team's favour. Kyrie Irving also sank his in for the Cavs.

The third quarter ended with an exquisite pass play from the Warriors which Thompson used to score another three. The scoreboard read 62-82 in favor of the Golden State Warriors despite James' three-pointer.

The moment of truth for the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers

Curry returned to the floor and subsequently scored a three-pointer a few seconds after the fourth quarter began. Barbosa also scored two points.

Cavs again attempted to score only to be blocked by Warriors' Bogut.

The Cleveland Cavaliers found themselves in a pinch and nobody knew if they could pull through.

Livingston proceeded to jump and score. Five minutes left on the clock of the NBA Finals Game 2, the Cavaliers made failed attempts one after another.

Cavs Matthew Dellavedova attempted to revive his team but the Golden State Warriors couldn't be stopped.

With one minute left, the frustration reached a peak for the Cleveland Cavaliers with NBA star James looking completely desolate.

Twenty seconds left and GSW scores again.

The Golden State Warriors won 110-77.

NBA Finals Game 3 schedule

Cleveland Caviliers go back home to the Q Arena in Cleveland, Ohio on June 9 to attempt a comeback against GSW.